The penguin that killed Google

If you’re a regular web user that uses Google for your daily searches I’m sure something is amiss as of late with your search results. Well apparently on April 25th 2012 the big G rolled out an algorithm update (deemed the Penguin Update) which was supposed to rid the Google index of spammy/irrelevant sites and […]

Speed Drawing Charcoal (Time Lapse)

Time Lapse Charcoal Drawing

Time Lapse Charcoal Drawing from Julian S. on Vimeo. Time lapse charcoal drawing.

Contemporary direction

I wanted to flirt with some abstract work and here are the results.

Portrait (close-up)

Portrait in progress

Acrylic Nude

Nude drawings from wed. studio session

A few drawings from Wednesday drawing session.

Pear paintings

A couple of paintings I did of a pear in acrylic. 8′ X 10″

Nude on Canvas (Acrylic) 20″ x 24″

It’s been a while since I touched a brush, but finally got some time and started a new one this past Sunday. Here is the first session of a new painting of a “nude” 20″ X 24″ on canvas. Medium: Acrylics.